Suara Foundation

Suara Foundation is our nonprofit organization dedicated to:

1. Rescuing homeless cats from the streets or from other associations in order to give them up for adoption.

2. Providing veterinary care for cats who need it, either under our tutelage or other association’s guardianship.

3. Divulging the image of the cat (feral and domestic) through education and awareness in relation to their needs at different stages.

4. Promoting responsible pet adoption, in contraposition to its purchase.

5. Studying and publicizing the benefits of living with cats.

6. Controlling homeless cat populations through sterilization programs (Trap-Neuter-Return), vaccination and deworming.

Suara Foundation

How it works

A percentage of Suara’s benefits is donated to Suara Foundation. When you’re buying our music at Beatport or you’re shopping at Suara Store you are also contributing to the cause.


Know more about the actions carried out by the Foundation on this video documentary or at SF’s facebook page.

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